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Thursday 29th April 2021


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Bigbury Golf Club: Course Open. Clubhouse and toilets close at 8pm latest.

Ladies Feb Newsletter

Hi Ladies,

I must say this lockdown has probably been the hardest being in the winter months and not being able to meet up with others.  I hope you have all managed to stay safe and well and are looking forward now to being able to play golf one more.  We’ll probably all be struggling to have a half decent swing.

Although I had promised myself I would go up to the local field and try hitting some practice balls it never happened.

As I stated in my last letter, some of the meetings have continued although no golf. 

Rosemary Sharpe will be waiting to hear from the ladies wishing to enter the Goodall, Summer Foursomes and match play as  we did during last year hopefully the Goodall and Summer Foursomes will take place.

So as soon as convenient please send Rosemary Sharpe either an email or a text stating which you want to enter.  The entry fees will be collected by you putting in envelope (names on) in the locker room as soon as we are back up at the golf club.  Please remember to ask a partner for the Summer doubles so that Rosemary is aware of who your partner is.

Jenny Balkwill (big thank you) has with Jane Wain finished a really good job of sorting out all of our handicaps under the new WHS.

Jenny I am sure is really glad to have seen the end of this.  Now it is up to all of us to work hard to get back into golf.  If, any of you have a little higher handicap don’t feel down hearted it may give you more opportunity to win something, even if it’s going to allow you to reduce your handicap again. I am sure you will feel like myself just delighted to be able to play golf once more.

According to the report from the greenskeeper it sounds like the course has had a few improvements on the steps etc. and with no people churning up the mud during the wets spells we’ve had I’m sure it has benefitted. Now we could do with some ‘sunshine’.

Sue Warren sent us all out an update from the DVLGA and hopefully during the course of this summer we’ll be able to attend some of the fixtures.

Like Sue I attended a meeting with the League to discuss the decision on handicaps to the top allowance level.

It has been agreed the level is going to be Handicap index 35 if higher the golfer can play off this level and whatever the stroke index is when you visit the away teams level for Handicap index of 35 for that golf club you will play to this, it may be less or more.

Many will have had at least the first vaccination and a few even 2nd ones.  Let us hope all being well, we’ll all be back at Bigbury soon.

As a last but not least note, the charity I hope to support this year will be the British Heart Foundation.

All my best wishes


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